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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

New Release - F*ck Reality: Take One by Raegan Matthews

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available Now Kindle Unlimited

Brock LaDuece is a millionaire, but in name only. 
When his father disperses an ultimatum clearly stating he must marry, if only to secure the future of his family’s Fortune 500 company, Brock reluctantly agrees he has but one choice… To find a woman his parents will love, even if he doesn’t. ~~~~~ Brooke Malloy is over the childish clichés born from romance of any kind. Studiously overseeing the day-in and day-out operations of her parents’ family-owned bed and breakfast has become her life’s routine. By mere chance, or her best friend’s unwavering determination, Brooke finds herself front and center in the world of reality television. ~~~~~ When Brock and Brooke are thrown together after a heated one-night stand, only to come face to face the next day as opposing contestants on a failing reality television show, sparks fly. But not in a way either of them expected. Facing each other again is tough enough, but doing so in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers who thrive on critiquing their every move, proves not only difficult, but their own hellish version of reality is in the spotlight.

“What a fantastic read!!!” - Reader Review
“This debut author really blew me away with this one!” - Reader Review
“Great debut book Raegan Matthews!!! I look forward to more from you! I laughed pretty hard in this book.” - 2 Chicks and A Book
“Reagan Matthews is an author I will definitely keep my eye out for. She's a true talent in her storytelling, and I can't wait to read more by her. It was awesome.” - Amazon Reviewer
Grabbing her waist and taking her with me, I change our positions. Once I’m on my back, Brooke looks down with her hair in a tangled disarray. Any other woman I’ve been with would hate looking as she does on top of me, but Brooke makes it beautiful.“Ride me,” I demand, using my hands to guide her hips into a torturously slow motion.When her body bends, she blankets mine, but holds me inside her with care. Her hands squeeze the straining muscles of my arms and she uses them to brace herself. I feel her mouth at my chest again; kissing, licking, searching. When she takes my nipple and bites, I jolt with its provocation. Taking Brooke drunk was considered paradise. Taking Brooke sober is fucking heaven. Sitting up, she removes my shirt from her body and tosses it to the side. With her chest on full display, she runs her hands up her body to touch herself as I lay under her and watch.“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” I hiss, lifting my hips from the bed to drive deeper. Brooke licks her lips again, this time with a knowing smirk.“Touch yourself,” I instruct. Doing as she’s told, I watch with rapt attention as she trails her fingers to her clit. Her insides spasm around my cock in reaction, and I’ve reached the point that I can’t take much more. “Brock,” she moans, looking to the ceiling and rocking back and forth with fiery greed. “Shit, I’m—”“Fuck!” I bite out. Grabbing her hips, I toss her over and adjust her beneath me again. Pounding into her with relentless thrusts, she scans my face with an intensity I can’t understand. “Don’t stop,” she orders as her legs wrap around my waist, where she locks her ankles together. Without wanting to ever get away, I continue pulsing in and out of her with deep and penetrable pushes and pulls. In and out, quick and quiet.“Goddamn it,” I bark. “Fucking hell, wait.”She doesn’t. Instead, Brooke’s body further ignites, pushing me to the brink again and again before spiraling me into releasing all I have. Somehow it’s happened. Somewhere it’s real. Both karma and fate are looking down on me and laughing their mother fucking asses off.
I'm a new author, currently living in the Midwest. When I'm not hanging around my family, you can find me curled up on the couch with my kindle.

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